FAQ: getting started

What is evoz and how does it help me monitor my baby?
evoz enables parents to connect with their baby from anywhere in the world in a way that fits their active lifestyle. With the click of a button parents can listen to their baby with no range limit. Parents can set smart alerts to inform them their baby is crying when they are busy by sending text, email or call alerts.
What do I need to use evoz?
In order to monitor your baby you need a device in your baby's room. You can either use a WiFi iOS device (iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation, iPhone or iPad). The parents can control, listen and monitor through their own Apple device, through the myevoz website (coming in August) or via an Android device (coming in September). Download the evoz app to your Apple devices here.
How do I add a monitor to my account?
After downloding the evoz application, sign in with the same account you are using on your device. Make sure the colored circle on the monitor turns green, indicating that it is running correctly.