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“This Belkin Wemo Baby Monitor Review is based on a fantastic product from Belkin which really does set a new benchmark by which all other baby monitors should be measured, in my opinion.”
“Works with multiple devices too, so a babysitter and parents can both keep an ear open for crying. Evoz adds cry notifications via text or email, and an analysis of your baby's sleep patterns.”
“Belkin Introduces WeMo Baby, The Smartphone Baby Monitor, Powered by Evoz”
“The baby monitor which inspired Babyologists everywhere will finally be available for purchase, shipping from 4 October!”
“Evoz also tracks, stores, and graphs baby's cries and uses the information to provide relevant parenting content (think sleep training) based on your child's crying patterns.”
“Feel burdened by carrying around those large baby monitors while doing laundry? Feel bad about walking down the driveway to take out the trash? Feel that no more. ”
“The evoz app does so much more than act as a monitor. The app tracks his sleeping pattern - distinguishing between simple noises and cries - and provides data to analyze how deeply he sleeps and offers tips to improve sleeping.”
“Evoz has taken baby monitoring systems to new levels and not only captures crying and sleep data to create a personalized, remote online parenting experience..but also compares a child's patterns to other babies their age.”
“This app turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a baby monitor.”
“EvozBabyMonitor aims to be a promising app for busy parents. Most interestingly, the app sends you an email or an alert if the baby cries.”
“It's a great solution for people who have to be far away from their babies due to work travel or other reasons or want to listen in from way out in the backyard.”
“The hardest part of putting this app together was figuring out an algorithm that would distinguish a baby's cry from other sounds like music, or a cat in heat.”
“The Evoz baby monitor app turns your Apple device into a baby monitor. It launched last week and after testing it out for a few days, I have to say: This thing is awesome!--My trial expires in about 7 days and I don't think I want to be without this now.”
“My Evoz iPhone app does make it possible to maintain peace of mind while the babysitter's in charge.”
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“I loved three things about this app: range, alerts and data tracking. It's delightful to to listen in on my monitor while I'm in my garage, which wasn't previously possible. But the alert function? Pure candy.”
“Featuring a harmonious blue background and a portrait of your pride and joy, Evoz's interface alone could easily displace the cumbersome wallet inserts of yore.”
“The new Evoz baby monitoring service lets busy, active parents listen to their baby anytime, anywhere, right from their iPhone with a touch of a button.”
“The Evoz baby monitoring service is an app that is available for download in the Apple iTunes store and let's you listen to your baby anytime and anywhere right from your iPhone (hooray for no more picking up the neighbor's monitor frequency).”
“Once the system is setup, parents who are out and about can not only hear their baby but examine various statistics of baby activity that range from crying, sleeping and everything else in between.”
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“The latest: Evoz, which has taken baby monitoring into the 21st century. It sounds AMAZING. WOW! Did they build this with Teen Mom 2 in mind? I kid, I kid! It actually sounds really useful for any parent -- new, veteran, or in between.”
“Unlike monitors that alert a user when any noise is made, the Evoz monitor understands the difference between a cry and background noise, thanks to its crying algorithm. ”
“המטרה של המוצר שלנו הוא לא רק לשמוע שהכל בסדר עם התינוק בלילה - הורים מודרניים רבים יוצאים החוצה לא מעט, והיו רוצים אמצעי מסוים זמין שיאפשר לה”
“Nos permitirá comunicarnos con expertos sobre bebes los cuales nos ayudaran en todo momento por si tenemos una pregunta o preocupación, al mismo tiempo que podemos leer estadísticas para saber si nuestro bebé “llora más de lo normal”.”
“Evoz captures data in an effort to collect sufficient information to let parents better understand the health of their children. In addition, the app enables parents to easily get in touch with a network of baby health experts or sleep consultants.”
“It just got easier for parents to keep an eye on their baby without the need for another bulky gadget to lug around the house.”
“Evoz keeps track of how often your child cries and when they cry, then compares the data to studies on the subject. - This data makes Evoz unique from other monitors, including video monitors that are already on the market.”
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“You'll be able to track how many times your child has cried through the night... it has created some good back-end technology to actually determine when the child is crying, not just when the background noise levels have gone up. ”
“Evoz lets parents use their iOS device and the Evoz baby monitoring service to monitor their babies from anywhere, with the touch of a button. Evoz has virtually unlimited range and can send alerts (call, text, or email) whenever your baby starts crying.”

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