WiFi Baby Glow Monitor

WiFi Baby Glow Monitor

A modular, flexible magnetic base, allows you to place your smart baby monitor anywhere in your nursery. Integrated nightlight and room temperature sensor to keep your little one comfortable.

See Everything, Place Anywhere

View your Evoz from anywhere, day or night. The magnetic base lets you aim the wide-angle lens no matter where you put the monitor. The HD video keeps you connected.

Cry Alerts
Your Baby
Baby Data
Invite Anyone
You Want
Real Cry Alerts for When You Are Busy

Evoz cry detection algorithms are running in the WiFi baby monitor to distinguish crying from all other noise. You can receive SMS, Email or Push alerts when your baby cries for whatever time duration you set. You will even get a picture of what the camera saw when the cry was detected.

Calm Your Baby

You have tools at your fingertips to help calm your baby from anywhere: control the nightlight, or play lullabies, music and even audiobooks offered in the camera.

Baby Data Tracking

The smart baby monitor automatically collects crying and room data and can be supplemented with feeding, changing, sleeping, milestones and temperature data parents collect in one, easy to navigate and shared repository. Export feature enables sharing data with coaches and doctors in both graphical & raw data format.

Anyone You Invite,
Wherever They Are

Parents, grandparents, sitters… anyone you invite can access the baby monitor when you permit them to on their iOS and Android devices.

Wide angle
Room Temperature
Nightlight / Lullaby
HD, wide angle video that you can view day or night.
Up to 720p/30fps • View 102° • 8 IR LEDs
The smart baby monitor tracks baby’s room temperature and verifies that it is in the range recommended by top pediatricians. The hot/cold indicator is presented on the smartphone screen as well as on the device. Parents can get alerted when temperature is outside the range.
Control the nightlight or play lullabies both from your smartphone
or on your monitor
Expert Parenting Information

Accessible parenting information that is not only tailored for your specific child based on age and data patterns but has also been formatted in a way that is especially useful for busy parents. Short videos, quick tips and tricks optimized for mobile device viewing.

We cover over 200 topics with expert content including sleep improvement videos created by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady®.

Treasure the Special Moments

Collecting pictures, videos and milestones as weight or height to treasure forever is the fun part of parenting. The Evoz smart baby monitor lets parents snap pictures and videos from what the monitor sees, even when they are not in the room. Images and videos go directly to your photo gallery or camera roll.

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