Alternative uses for the Evoz WiFi Baby Monitor: what we watch when we aren’t watching babies

Wed, 7 Jun 17

Here at Evoz, we’ve put a great deal of effort into making the best baby monitor on the market. From the high-resolution camera with great night vision to the carefully-designed app for iOS and Android with features that make life with your little one easier, the Evoz WiFi Baby Monitor (available at our online store or on Amazon) is an indispensable parenting tool. But as many of our users have already discovered, a high-resolution camera you can use to monitor your baby can monitor other things too! Here are some of our favorite alternative uses for the Evoz WiFi Baby Monitor.

Older kid monitor

Obviously, a baby monitor doesn’t stop working just because you don’t have a baby any more. It can also be very useful for keeping tabs on older kids having “quiet time” in their rooms or when they’re playing and you’re in another room because you’re cooking, working…or maybe even having a conversation with another adult! We’ve designed the monitor to be easy to relocate as your needs change.

Pet monitor

Some of our users are grandparents who don’t have the kids all the time. In their spare time, we’ve heard of our monitors successfully watching cats, dogs, and even birds. Amazon reviewer Condor reports, “when the baby isn’t here the camera monitors our cockatiels since I just adopted a rescued battered male and put him in with our female as companion, not for breeding. So far no fights, but I need to keep an eye on them at all times. The camera does a great job at that.” Jessica Gleim, Director of Marketing and new mom, concurs: “One time I had baby with me in the bedroom but the monitor was still set up in the living room, where I had been keeping an eye on him during his nap. I got this great shot of the cat staging a sneak attack on the dog!”


Some companies spy on their workers; we get to spy on the boss! And here he is: our CEO, Ruwan Welaratna, diligently fixing a firmware bug.




We’re a team spread out over five countries with up to 19 hours(!) of time difference – it’s fun to be able to see what’s up at any given moment in London.

More alternative uses

Keep an eye out the front window for the mailman? Turn the tables and let your older kid keep an eye on you at work? Check on your partner in the man-cave? The possibilities are endless.

Of course, you could also always give your monitor to a friend with a new baby…or keep experimenting, and let us know what you monitor next!

Got more alternative uses to tell us about? Drop us a line at

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