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Tue, 10 Jan 17

 Baby Registry Savings

We think that our Evoz Smart Baby Monitor easily offers the most (and even more importantly, most helpful) features for its price, but budgets are tight these days. Think it sounds great, but not quite sure how you’ll afford one? Today we’ve got a few hot tips on snagging an Evoz Smart Baby Monitor for less, leaving money in your pocket for those less exciting but nonetheless necessary things, like yet another box of diapers…

Quick Discount

For a deal right now, head over to our home page and sign up for our newsletter. As a thank-you you’ll receive a coupon for $25 off an Evoz Smart Baby Monitor at (Note: this is true as of January 2017, but the thank-you gift is subject to change. If the coupon is no longer available when you are reading this, read on for more tips!)

Smart Gifting

Baby gifts are a perennial problem – everyone wants to bless your growing family with something special, but the baby can only wear so many adorable newborn outfits. Enter that wonderful invention: the baby registry. Let your friends and family buy you exactly what you need! (Hint: it’s probably not yet another 0-3 month onesie.)

The Amazon Baby Registry brings the power of the world’s biggest online retailer to your nesting project. It allows you to add any online product to your registry, get gifts shipped directly to you, and even helps with thank-you notes. To add the Evoz Smart Baby Monitor to your Amazon registry, just go to our Amazon product page and click the “Add to Baby Registry” button on the right side of the page.

Babylist is another great baby registry service not affiliated with any particular retailer. It also lets you add any online product or service you want, and even “Help & Favors” coupons for things like babysitting or home-cooked meals. To add the Evoz monitor to your Babylist registry, simply click here.

Pro tip: Not everyone has a rich aunt who can spring for that designer stroller (or cool baby monitor!). Don’t be shy about putting gift cards on your registry so your family and friends can give amounts they feel comfortable with – you can pool them to buy those big-ticket items.

You help us, we help you

Ok, we’ll admit, this is the first tip again, but it’s worth repeating because there’s another good reason to go back to our home page, enter your email address, and click subscribe. Even if you don’t need a monitor right now! Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear about opportunities to join our beta tester program and receive significant discounts from us in return for your feedback on how to make our great products even better. (We can’t say too much right now, but with luck we’ll have some new arrivals of our own coming this year!)

Hand-Me-Downs Rule!

If you’re really lucky, you know someone who has outgrown their Evoz Smart Baby Monitor. Point them to this blog post for instructions on how to reset their monitor so they can pass it along to a deserving friend…like you!

Happy Shopping,


Disclosure: This blog post contains contextual affiliate links. Evo Inc. may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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